Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Banana Nut Topped Yogurt

My early morning class cancelled!  You got to love when you get an added break in the day! I used my time to go on a longer than usual morning run for a Wednesday (6 miles outside)...and put together a new breakfast creation!

 The ingredients: 
 1 cup dannon plain non-fat plain yogurt
 1 Gnu Banana Walnut bar (amazing)
 1 Tbsp peanut butter
 1 pinch chia seeds
 1/2 banana sliced

yum. yum.yum :) 
 The Nutrition facts: 
 Calories: 366
 Carbs: 63 g
 Fat: 10 g
 Protein: 19
 Fiber: 15
 Sodium: 238

When I want to find the nutrition facts for the meals I make I use myfittnesspal It's easy to search products, create recipes, and save meals! As a nutrition student in class we use diet analysis software which is great because it draws up various nutrient reports and comparisons but the food data base is smaller since its not constantly being updated the way an online program is! Do you use any other programs to track your meals or recipes?!? Also, if you check out right of my blog I am now using RECIPAGE! its an awesome new recipe system where you can easily look up all the recipes I add to my blog! If you go to you can create your own account even if you don't blog and keep track of all your favorite recipes! 

Well...time to get my learn on! Happy hump day  

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