Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Great Morning Mix

This morning I popped right out of bed 5 minutes before my alaram, made myself a warm cup of coffee with some creamy chocolate almond milk and headed down the gym in my apartment buiding where I rocked a 5K and 5 minute cool down for a total 30 minute run! Then feeling strong I did some ab work and psuh ups! Next headed back to my room for a warm shower and made my self these babies:

Vanilla Oat Protein Pancakes with a topping of peanut butter and a said of strawberries!

Yum. Yum.Yum. 

I haven't exactly figured out the ingredients that lead to such a great morning but If I had to guess I'd say lots of sleep and the country music playing on my pandora were definitely part of the mix! BUT this mornings running motivation was no mystery to me! I am very happy to announce I OFFICIALLY registered for my first 1/2 marathon of the season: The Alexandria Running Festival 1/2 Marathon on May 27 2012! ...I know its a long way away and knowing myself I'll probably spontaneously run many races between now and then but having something to train motivates me :) Not to mention this one will be extra fun since I'm signing up with my sisters new Boo Eric!

My goal for this race will be to destroy Eric (just kidding) no my real goal will be to beat my best 1/2 marathon time: 1:38:36 !

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