Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Hope from Mars Inc.

My Dear Georgia post from Monday was my opinion on how "NOT" to approach the issue of childhood obesity.

Today, I was delighted to read an article from the Washington Post that I thought lead to a little more hope in light of making our children, and the general population healthier. The article  "Mars says its candy bars will have 250 calories or less by the end of next year"  explains it's message right  in its title!. What some readers may miss when skimming past it is the underlying implications of the companies actions. Mars Inc., the creators of Snickers, M& M's, Twix, Milky Way, 3Musketeers, Bounty and Kudos bars is going to stop making its king size bars and reduce the calorie amount of ALL its chocolate bars to 250 calories or less. Big deal right, its still candy?

Sure, candy is candy and will still contribute 250 empty calories to a consumers diet but if you think about it by reducing the size of some of the most popular candy bars out there, children will have a better idea of what an actual serving size SHOULD be. Not only will it help restore our distorted idea of a proper portion size, but I believe  by lowering the calorie of its candy bars, Mars Inc. is making a statement. They are recognizing the need to reduce calories in the American diet and they are placing more focus on health. Candy bars are treat many of us grew up with as children, when our parents gave us a candy bar we ate it hands down. Its hard to ask a child to exercise portion control and its hard to ask an adult not to spoil there children but by eliminating unnecessary & unhealthy options such as king size candy bars it will make it easier parents to reduce unhealthy calories it their children's diet whether they are aware of it or not!

Thanks Mars Inc. for taking a step towards a healthier future!

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