Monday, June 11, 2012

Lower Cholesterol Diet: Chicken Salad Healthy Style

In preparation for my dietetic internship beginning in late August I was given a set of assignments to complete in order to asses my current knowledge and get me ready for the intense 10-month track to becoming a dietitian. Since two of my goals this summer are to do an excellent job on all my homework assignments and keep up with blogging I decided to combine the two tasks and blog about my assignments. Don't worry I will try and make it interesting and I'll of course include food!

The frist assignment was on the topic of lower cholesterol diets.

The question:

"Your patient tells you they have tried fat-free mayo and reduced fat mayo and complains that both taste awful. What alternatives would you suggest for them to use in making tuna salad that is low in fat and cholesterol"

Here are my substitutions:

1. Non- Fat Greek Yogurt
2. Olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes

Time for a test run! Greek yogurt was the first thing that came to mind since it's creamy like mayo but without the fat and cholesterol. PLUS it's got a ton of protein. Since I know I'll be having tuna steak for dinner I decided to create a chicken salad recipe using greek yogurt! It was awesome so I'm definitely adding it to my recipe index!

Sweet and Creamy Chicken Salad
  • 4 oz canned chicken
  • 2.5 oz non-fat Chobani Greek Yogurt 
  • 1 celery stick 
  • 10 g raisins 
  • 1tsp honey 
  • 1 shake cinnamon 
  • Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate for one hour!

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  1. This looks like an awesome recipe! And such a great idea for this summer.

    When I was in college I used posts to quiz me for tests... I'd write a vocab word then write my answer in my own words, like on the test. It really helped.