Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Banana Nut Topped Yogurt

My early morning class cancelled!  You got to love when you get an added break in the day! I used my time to go on a longer than usual morning run for a Wednesday (6 miles outside)...and put together a new breakfast creation!

 The ingredients: 
 1 cup dannon plain non-fat plain yogurt
 1 Gnu Banana Walnut bar (amazing)
 1 Tbsp peanut butter
 1 pinch chia seeds
 1/2 banana sliced

yum. yum.yum :) 
 The Nutrition facts: 
 Calories: 366
 Carbs: 63 g
 Fat: 10 g
 Protein: 19
 Fiber: 15
 Sodium: 238

When I want to find the nutrition facts for the meals I make I use myfittnesspal It's easy to search products, create recipes, and save meals! As a nutrition student in class we use diet analysis software which is great because it draws up various nutrient reports and comparisons but the food data base is smaller since its not constantly being updated the way an online program is! Do you use any other programs to track your meals or recipes?!? Also, if you check out right of my blog I am now using RECIPAGE! its an awesome new recipe system where you can easily look up all the recipes I add to my blog! If you go to you can create your own account even if you don't blog and keep track of all your favorite recipes! 

Well...time to get my learn on! Happy hump day  

Monday, February 27, 2012

National Nutrition Month "Bulletin Boarding" & Kashi Dinners!

I feel like It was just 5 minutes ago I was rushing out the door to my monday morning class and I'm already back in my apartment sitting down for dinner. Today was one of thoes "Go, hurry, don't stop" kind of days.

I felt good to check a lot of things off my To-Do list!

Favorite daily accomplishment:
 I'm a Diet Analysis Intern for the Health Center at UMD and my partner Alex and I completed all the piece to our National Nutrition Month Bulletin Board Display! Just in time too because March is National Nutrition month and Thursday will be the first day of March!

The theme of our board was Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics slogan " Get Your Plate In Shape"
This is the figure in the middle of the sun that might be hard to make out from my picture!

Seven Tips For Getting your Plate in Shape This March: 

1. Fill 1/2 your plate with fruits and veggies
2. Make at least 1/2 of your grains whole grains
3. Switch to low fat or fat free milk
4. Enjoy your food but eat less
5. Be physically active your way
6.Vary your protein choices
7. Cut back on sodium and empty calories from solid fats and added sugars

For more National Nutrition Month fun,resources, and education you can visit

After two long classes, a lab, and "Bulletin Boarding" my new verb, I got back to my apartment kind of  late and pretty tired. I was definitely not in the mood to cook since all my creative juices were spent on the "Bulletin Boarding" so I went my freezer for my go to dinner: Kashi's Mayan Harvest Bake! While freezer meals can never replace a well cooked meal. Kashi's entree's are a  nutritious substitute on a busy night.

 The mayan harvest bake is plantains, black beans, sweet potatoes, kale, kashi 7 whole grain pilaf & polenta spicy Ancho Sauce.
I was scared to try it at first but I love it! The plantains always have a rich flavor and the ingredients are always high quality with Kashi!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Carrot Cake BULGUR Wheat...My New Discovery

I did it again...The nutrition nerd in me just keeps popping out. I celebrated the another long productive week with a trip to an organic market I hadn't been to before. This time I chose Roots Market in Olney, MD close to my parents home.
This market was slightly bigger than MOMs and conveniently separated their dairy based products from their soy based products I'm not vegan but if I was it'd be very convenient ;)

I wandered around the store for a bit trying their free samples of freshly ground nut butters and I had a cup of warm lavender tea (see how this can be relaxing?!). Finally,  I found the whole grain bins. (wish I had a picture but felt kinda funny taking it with all the people around).  I usually like to try something new when I have these kind of adventures, usually I chose something fun like dark chocolate or fresh ground cashew butter but this time I grabbed about 1 lbs of bulgur. (Not the bulgurs "unfun" for a nutrition nerd like me BUT I'm not quite sure what my motivation was). 

I spent the whole way home trying to figure out what I was going to do with 1 lbs of bulgur. 

The first thing I did was research it!

Bulgur, I found out... is a whole wheat grain that has been cleaned and pre-cooked so it's a quick easy side dish or meal. The gain is found a lot in middle eastern cuisine and can be served with dinner  or as a hot breakfast cereal. According to 1 serving of Bulgur (1 cup cooked) is ~150 calories, 5.6 g protein, 8.2 g of fiber, and less than 1 g of sugar! Basically a superfood in my book! 

Now that I knew what bulgur was...It was time to decide what to do with it! I found many salad and dinner dishes that incorporated the grain that looked delish. BUT if you haven't noticed a theme in the blog already I'm a breakfast person so I obviously opted for hot cereal. I've been wanting to make a carrot cake flavored dish so here's what I came up with: 

Carrot-Cake Bulgur Wheat

1/4 cup uncooked bulgur
1/2 cup water 
1/4 cup shredded carrot 
1Tbsp raisins 
1 tsp vanilla extract 
1 packet splenda 
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 Tbsp cottage cheese 
1Tbsp peanut butter 
1 pinch flax seed
And a drizzle of honey. 

The buglur cooks quickly, I brought the  1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup bulgar to a boil and then turned the stove burner on low. I kept a close eye on the grains stirring constantly to avoid burning them! I added in my ingredients, threw on my toppings and breakfast was served in about 8 minutes :) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breakfast Cookie..a Great Pre-Workout Meal

Peanut-Butter-Banana Breakfast Cookie!

A Breakfast Cookie...(yes cookie) is yet another reason that motivates me to wake up early and enjoy the morning...

 They also happend to be convenient for those of you that chose to hit snooze until you absolutely have to get up. The cookie is a high protein, high fiber, and very filling breakfast. The best part it it is made the night so you have more time to do whatever it is you do in the morning :)

My cookie the night before! 
My Ingredients: 

  • 1/3 cup old fashion oats 
  • 1Tbsp peanut butter 
  • 1/2 scoop protein powder
  • 1/8 cup chocolate almond milk
  • 1/2 banana for the cookie, 1/2 for topping 
  • 1 tsp agave nectar (optional) 

All you have to do is combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Once they are all mixed place them on a small plate or tub-aware and put it in the fridge over night!

Tadaaaaa! My cookie was AMAZING!... I put it in he freezer before I went for my morning run.  I recommend this because the freezer made my cookie the perfect consistency with a cool freshness to it which was exactly what I needed after my 5 mile run!

The Nutrition Facts:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Great Morning Mix

This morning I popped right out of bed 5 minutes before my alaram, made myself a warm cup of coffee with some creamy chocolate almond milk and headed down the gym in my apartment buiding where I rocked a 5K and 5 minute cool down for a total 30 minute run! Then feeling strong I did some ab work and psuh ups! Next headed back to my room for a warm shower and made my self these babies:

Vanilla Oat Protein Pancakes with a topping of peanut butter and a said of strawberries!

Yum. Yum.Yum. 

I haven't exactly figured out the ingredients that lead to such a great morning but If I had to guess I'd say lots of sleep and the country music playing on my pandora were definitely part of the mix! BUT this mornings running motivation was no mystery to me! I am very happy to announce I OFFICIALLY registered for my first 1/2 marathon of the season: The Alexandria Running Festival 1/2 Marathon on May 27 2012! ...I know its a long way away and knowing myself I'll probably spontaneously run many races between now and then but having something to train motivates me :) Not to mention this one will be extra fun since I'm signing up with my sisters new Boo Eric!

My goal for this race will be to destroy Eric (just kidding) no my real goal will be to beat my best 1/2 marathon time: 1:38:36 !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cupcake Exceptions! Happy 23rd Charlene!!

Ok..were heading into March and the holiday season is long gone.  I've definitely shifted my cooking focus from baking Christmas cookies and cupcakes to healthy running/nutrition inspired meals particularly breakfast because its my favorite (if you can't tell).

BUT... there are few very special exceptions throughout the year when it is necessary to make some Good Ole butter, flour, and egg cupcakes from rich recipes that I haven't tweaked (much) with my health conscious obsession.

The occasion: My amazing friend Charlene's 23rd birthday !!
Charlene and I on halloween 
Charlene and I went to both high school and college together. We grew really close in college at NC State (we were minority "outer staters" and were each other' pieces of home) We loved NC State but we had our homesick moments. So every year on Char's birthday I took it upon myself to go all out to make sure it was a good time! Now were back home, I'm at UMD in my final year and Char (very on top of her game) graduated college in 3 years and is living and working in D.C.! While we are fortunate to have all our girls (minus Crista) back in the area to celebrate I still feel the need to something special for her because...she's amazing and I love her and stuff ;)

SOOO the cupcake of choice:  Cinnamon Sugar! 

I took the recipe from Annie, who's Annie?? Oh just my favorite cupcake blogger EVER! She makes tons of other great recipes but I LOVE her cupcakes! In fact my sister's have been joking with me that since the holidays are over and I haven't baked much (AT ALL)  that Annie and I must be fighting lol yes this conversation happened. But I can assure you were not :)...well were not at least not today ;)

Annie's Eat's  (recipe linked) Cinnamon  Cupcakes 
Her verison

 Annie's cupcake's CHARLENE style! The only change I made was using skim milk instead of whole milk and reduced fat cream cheese for the frosting instead of regular (mainly because I those were the products I had on hand).

 Oh...ya and I had to add a little spunk into the final product! 
Thanks Annie!! Time to surprise Char and the girls :) 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chocolate-Blueberry-Banana Protein Pancakes. YUM.

Good morning! I need some motivation to work on saturdays vanilla protein pancakes were SO good... I decided to make the again. Chocolate style!


1 banana
1/8 cup blueberries (but add as many as you want :))
1 Tbsp chocolate almond milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/4 cup egg beaters
1Tbsp flax seed

Just mix all the ingredients in bowl so you form a batter (chose a ripe banana and your life will be easier)

 Pop it on the stove! Pay attention (mine burnt some)
BUT they were very delicious! I topped it with agave nectar, more blueberries and added a side of grapefruit and peaches

Nutrition break down (just the pancakes): 
280 calories 
28 grams protein 
30 grams carbs
6 grams of fiber
3 grams fat 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ready to Run!

After, an intense morning of internship related business I did what I usually do when I need to shake of some nerves....I hit the gym.

I was completely in a daze ready to turn my ipod up as loud as it would go and run my little heart out...when I bumped into a friend. I was caught off guard when he asked me a nutrition/ running related question about what to take before working out. I was confused by the question and anxious to get my run on so I responded: "carbohydrates", but he continued..."no for energy, I like to take something before working out but I want to avoid cramping and dehydration." Next he asked "any suggestions..?". I shrugged my shoulders and said "all you really need is adequate carbohydrates, water, and maybe replenish with protein" and I kept going.

...But I couldn't stop thinking about the question partly because I hate thought of anyone cramping and dehydrating while running and partly because researching nutrition is a better way to spend my energy then worrying about my future lol.

Now, I am by no means supporting or suggesting the use of sports supplements and particularly creatine before working out BUT because these supplements are not banned by the USDA nor has there been any hard conclusive evidence that I can find that they are particularly harmful I feel its important to be educated about them if you chose to use them.

I am only going to share what I found about how and why they may be the cause dehydration and muscle cramping in a short review of online sources but I suggest meeting with a sports dietitian before using them!

So on to Creatine what is it ?
... it's a nutrient (an amino acid to be specific) that is naturally produced in the body (be careful I read taking supplements may reduce the body's natural production). It is stored in the muscles where it has the ability to restore energy especially during high intensity, short bouts of exercise like sprinting and weight lifting. It regenerates our body's main energy source, ATP providing increased energy to power workouts but in doing so it draws large amounts of water from other places in the body (the digestive system). Meaning that the more creatine in your body, the more water your body NEEDS. If you take creatine supplements without enough water you are risking dehydration, which can reduce the blood supply to your muscles and cause muscle cramps (and much worse, dehydration can lead to death if left untreated). If your taking creatine supplements pay extra attention to how much water you need!! The risk of dehydration only increases in long bouts of energy (like prolonged running) and hot weather (dangerous :( ).

My advice:

  • To be safe consult a registered sports dietitian before using  supplements, they can help you figure out how much water you'll need and guide towards safer supplemental options.  
  • If you choose to use them, consume enough water and electrolytes to ensure you prevent dehydration 
  • Avoid taking creatine with caffeine or other diuretics because it can cause an increased risk of dehydration
  • Avoid running for long periods of time when taking creatine so you don't increase your risk of dehydration. (I'm not too sure how the timing works but definitely separate long runs from creatine use)
  • If you take creatine and experience decreased urine talk to your doctor ASAP because you may have problems with your kidneys( the organ that has to deal with all the extra creatine you consume) other signs of serve dehydration include a dry mouth and a lack of tears. 

Some resources I used and your should check out if you take supplements to workout include:

I don't want to scare anyone I just want you to be safe! Check out:  (A GREAT registered sports dietitian for more information!)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Hope from Mars Inc.

My Dear Georgia post from Monday was my opinion on how "NOT" to approach the issue of childhood obesity.

Today, I was delighted to read an article from the Washington Post that I thought lead to a little more hope in light of making our children, and the general population healthier. The article  "Mars says its candy bars will have 250 calories or less by the end of next year"  explains it's message right  in its title!. What some readers may miss when skimming past it is the underlying implications of the companies actions. Mars Inc., the creators of Snickers, M& M's, Twix, Milky Way, 3Musketeers, Bounty and Kudos bars is going to stop making its king size bars and reduce the calorie amount of ALL its chocolate bars to 250 calories or less. Big deal right, its still candy?

Sure, candy is candy and will still contribute 250 empty calories to a consumers diet but if you think about it by reducing the size of some of the most popular candy bars out there, children will have a better idea of what an actual serving size SHOULD be. Not only will it help restore our distorted idea of a proper portion size, but I believe  by lowering the calorie of its candy bars, Mars Inc. is making a statement. They are recognizing the need to reduce calories in the American diet and they are placing more focus on health. Candy bars are treat many of us grew up with as children, when our parents gave us a candy bar we ate it hands down. Its hard to ask a child to exercise portion control and its hard to ask an adult not to spoil there children but by eliminating unnecessary & unhealthy options such as king size candy bars it will make it easier parents to reduce unhealthy calories it their children's diet whether they are aware of it or not!

Thanks Mars Inc. for taking a step towards a healthier future!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"ME" Time at MOMs!

Ok. I know it's only Wednesday (happy hump day!) but i've had a REALLY busy 1/2 week ok ;) I submitted my application in hopes for a dietetic internship (fingers crossed please),  I turned in 2 assignments, and I took 2 quizes. I went to work at Rebecca Bitzer and Associates and drove to Annapolis on the drop of a dime to babysit my baby cousins!

...They were well worth it even if it meant only fours hours of sleep for me. (Their dad needed a last minute Valentine's Day Sitter and I'm sucker for that kind of stuff).

When I finished my last class today I decided to have a little "ME" time to keep my sanity for the rest of the week. What did I do for some "ME" time you ask?

Well first...

 I decided to take advantage of the beautiful "blue-sky-day" and break out my running shoes + Garmin watch for a 5 mile run.  It is  amazing how great fresh air feels especially since I'm still working-out mainly inside these days.

Afterwards... I decided to travel to MOMs Organic market. Yes, I visit organic markets for fun #shameless

What I did I get...

 I went mainly in search of the Chia Seeds because I have been reading about how these little guys are jam packed with antioxidants, fiber,  protein, and a rich source of Omega 3's. Not too mention they make an appearance in all the food blogs I stalk on the regular.

However, clearly I got a little carried away :)

Already feeling refreshed it's time to crack down on some homework!!  Happy Hump Day :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Georgia...

Squeezing in a morning run, a healthy breakfast, and a warm shower while getting to my 8:30 am class on time is defiantly a balancing act even for me as a self proclaimed "morning person" (especially on Mondays). The class I'm always running out the door to get to on time is called Issues and Problems in Dietetics and every Monday we discuss a nutrition related article found in the news. So far I've been skimming titles and have been pretty bored with the article I've been printing out at the last minute. BUT this morning's article struct a nerve....

This morning I decided to print out an article about the recent childhood obesity PSA campaign going on in Georgia.

See for yourself...

Thoughts? Here's mine...

Dear Georgia,

People make positive changes in their lives when they feel empowered, strong, capable and motivated. You need to love yourself to want to take care of yourself. Where is the love in any of these ads? In my opinion they emanate depression, anger, shame, sadness, and blame. Worst of all it directs and evokes these emotions in children. I understand they aim to spark the attention of adults but it is at the expense of the child's emotions and wellbeing.

Studying nutrition, I strongly believe childhood obesity is a huge issue that needs to be addressed but these adds are avenues for eating disorders, depression, and self hatred...who would risk that on any child? Most children are not emotionally equipped to deal with the harm these messages can cause nor should they have to. Many factors play a role in our body size many of which are out a child's control.

Please Georgia try and understand that the majority of parents want to do what's best for their children. Further,  education, empowerment, and guidance will foster positive change while shame, frustration and blame may do more harm than good. It is not the physical properties of children or anybody for that matter we should be focused on but the habits. There is no education in these images they just leave the audience with negative emotions and no tools for change. Please take these adds down and hug your children and tell them how wonderful they are. Then educate them on how they can take care of themselves because when we love ourselves we are more likely to take care of ourselves.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Tread Mill Plateau... Conquered!

Good morning winter wonderland! I have to admire the beautiful snowy February day despite its intrusion on my morning run!

Do you ever fall into a certain time or milage routine on the treadmill that you feel even with your best efforts you just cannot over come?

 I have I've been running a consistent 5 miles (40 minutes) for the past two weeks on the treadmill. After that 40 minutes I just check out!

Frustrated with my inability to stir things up in my running world I decided I was going to run outside today, only Problem...

Running in the snow? No thanks. 

So it was back to the treadmill...only today I was determined! I turned my Eminem up full blast on my ipod and pounded away 6.1 miles (10 K) ! Whawhoo...even though it was just a mile felt great to break my 5 mile plateau!

Today will be a good day :) 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bring on the Day!

There's nothing you can't do when you start your day with blueberry oatmeal and a women's empowerment mug of coffee! It's just what I need today as I tackle finishing the final tid bits of my application for the Dietetic Internship!

How I make my oats: 

1/2 cup old fashion oats (only today I was stuck with the instant brand) 
1/4 cup blueberries 
3/4 cup water
1 tsp vanilla extract 
1Tbsp peanut butter 
1Tbsp oat bran 
1 tsp honey 


340 calories 
45 grams carbs 
9 grams fiber 
12 grams of protein 

...Time to get my focus on!

 I'm looking forward to spending the night with my little sister, Molly, whose coming home from ECU (East Carolina University) for the weekend to pick out bridesmaids dresses for our cousins wedding WHAWHO! (love her)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raspberry Banana & Vanilla Cream Protein Pancakes

Good morning!

Ready for breakfast? ...I am! I've been dying to try my hand at flour-less pancakes since I found a couple recipes on a blog i've been following I don't know why it's taken me so long because they are DELISH!! They are also very easy to make!

Here it goes: 

1 Banana
1 1/4 cup Raspberries
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used pureprotein vanilla cream)
1 Tbsp ground Flaxseed
1 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/4 cup egg beaters (you can use an egg)
1 Tbsp Peanut butter (optional topping :))

I mashed the banana in a bowl with the protein powder, flaxseed, almond milk, eggs, and a couple raspberries until combined. 

Then I threw the mixture on the stove!! 
In no time I had a these babies! I added a Tbsp of peanut butter ...because well I love peanut butter and I tossed on the rest of the raspberries! YUM! 

Now off to  work on my RD Internship applications before work at Rebecca Bitzer and Associates

The Nutrition: 

432 calories (with the peanut butter) 
46 grams of carbs
10 grams of fiber 
39 grams of protein

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing you! Tips for Keeping in Touch

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."

I recently  returned from an amazing life-altering trip to Israel! It was called Birthright, many of you may have heard about it... basically it is a 10 day adventure to Israel for American Jews to connect them to the country and teach them about their culture. Oh and it's completely free. yes free.
Jerusalem, unreal huh?  

I  was actually raised Catholic but  because my father is  jewish and my ancestors are connected to land I got a plane ticket as well. I really wanted to go because as my sisters would call me I'm a "pocket nerd" and I love to learn. I wanted to know more about my heritage, I wanted to travel, and I wanted to learn about Judaism.  The trip completely surpassed my expectations I traveled, I learned, I laughed, I cried, and most importantly I made friends. 

It's amazing the bonds you can make with people in 10 days but those days come and go and sadly you are left with only memories (and awesome photos of course). 

I wanted to create a blog for tips on staying in touch with people to ENSURE that I follow my own guidance! so here it goes: 

1. Social media DUH! - Send posts on facebook and twitter to people when you are thinking of them to let them know they are in your thoughts! It keeps communication going and the smallest words can bring a smile to someone's day! 

2. Start a facebook group- Before we left for Israel the trip leaders on our group started a facebook group to help us pack and get ready for the trip! I think it is even more benefical now because it provides an avenue for staying in touch. Friends from my trip post in it often and it's always great to see and hear from people! It keeps the trip alive. 

2. Don't get angry or frustrated - Staying in touch can be hard. Life has this habit of sucking you up in the moment causing our minds to focus on the "here and now" ...the only problem is there are people that we love not exactly in our "here and now"! It's important to call and keep in touch, but don't take it personal when people get busy.  Getting angry or frustrated just fosters more sadness ! 

3. Make a phone call- There's nothing like hearing a friends voice and always remember there are two ends to a phone line!

4. Send e-cards- They are free, fun, and make people smile! Plus, they have cards that just let people know you are thinking of them! 

5. Repost pictures- There is nothing like a photo to bring you back to a memorable time and place from the past!

6. Plan your next get-together! - My friends and I meant to put the next time we'll meet in my planner before the end of the trip and we didn't. I regret it but I still plan to visit them!

This picture is of my friends Olivia, Lauren Tess, and me (on the far right) standing next to the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv! 

These are just some rough Ideas I came up with to help inspire me to keep connected to some of the amazing people I met in Israel.
We left Israel but we didn't leave each other! 

Raspberry Peach Over Night Oats (Round 1)

I LOVE oats. I like them hot, cold, in my yogurt, in my muffins, in bread, you name it! Lately, I have been desperately searching blogs and the web for perfect over night oats ! 

Basically, overnight oats are just oats you let soak in some combination of liquid, yogurt, and spices (optional) overnight and then enjoy in the morning! I couldn’t find the perfect combination of ingredents for myself online so I decided to experiment and document my first trial!

The result: 

Over Night Cinnamon Raspberry and  Peach Oats


·      ½ cup plain non-fat dannon yogurt
·      ½ cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
·      ½ cup old fashion oats
·      1 tsp cinnamon
·      3 slices frozen peaches
·      handful of raspberries
·      ½ oz of almonds


Calories: 401 
Carbs: 50 g
Fat: 16 g 
Protein: 18 g 
Fiber: 11 g
the night before I combined to oats, yogurt, almond milk, some peaches, and cinnamon in a bowl:

Next I mixed the ingredient together:

Then I covered them with foil and placed them in the fridge to soak over night!

In the morning I added the almonds and raspberries and Whalaa:

Often people add more liquid in the morning but I didn’t need to because I was happy with the consistency! Overall I was very pleased with my first attempt at over night oats! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Alaskan Experience

 Anchorage at night. 360 degrees of beautiful scenery. My cousin Yael convinced me to climb to the top of a parking garage, I was initially resistant  until I saw the view! 
 I know this picture looks unreal, but this is wild Alaskan Salmon caught, prepared, and documented by my cousin Rafi! Needless to say I LOVE Alaska!
He also served this colorful dish of olive oil sauteed veggies!

Banana Walnut Bread

This Morning I woke up in the mood to get my bake on! I decided on creating a whole wheat banana walnut bread. Here’s the recipe: 
  • 2 cups whole wheat flour 
  • 2 mashed bananas 
  • 1/2 cup honey 
  • 4 egg whites beaten until fluffy 
  • 1/2 low fat butter milk
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon 
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1/2 cup walnuts
I mixed all the dry ingredients in one bowl. Then combined the the butter, milk, applesauce, honey, and vanilla extract in another bowl. I put the egg whites in a 3rd bowl and beat until they were nice and fluffy. Then folded the eggs and the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and waaaahhhh laaaa!! 
By the way I adapted the recipee from an awesome nutrition blog:
…The flavor is great the consistency…not perfect I’ll post again when I’ve perfected the recipe!