Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Raspberry Peach Over Night Oats (Round 1)

I LOVE oats. I like them hot, cold, in my yogurt, in my muffins, in bread, you name it! Lately, I have been desperately searching blogs and the web for perfect over night oats ! 

Basically, overnight oats are just oats you let soak in some combination of liquid, yogurt, and spices (optional) overnight and then enjoy in the morning! I couldn’t find the perfect combination of ingredents for myself online so I decided to experiment and document my first trial!

The result: 

Over Night Cinnamon Raspberry and  Peach Oats


·      ½ cup plain non-fat dannon yogurt
·      ½ cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
·      ½ cup old fashion oats
·      1 tsp cinnamon
·      3 slices frozen peaches
·      handful of raspberries
·      ½ oz of almonds


Calories: 401 
Carbs: 50 g
Fat: 16 g 
Protein: 18 g 
Fiber: 11 g
the night before I combined to oats, yogurt, almond milk, some peaches, and cinnamon in a bowl:

Next I mixed the ingredient together:

Then I covered them with foil and placed them in the fridge to soak over night!

In the morning I added the almonds and raspberries and Whalaa:

Often people add more liquid in the morning but I didn’t need to because I was happy with the consistency! Overall I was very pleased with my first attempt at over night oats! 

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