Thursday, March 1, 2012

My March Goals!

It's a new month (national nutrition month YAY), leading into a new season, filled with lots of new opportunities! I love March because the days get longer which means I can run outside :)  The weather gets warmer = no more heavy jackets (hopefully)... I hate carrying jackets all day. And the new season brings new "in season foods"...

some of my favorite March produce includes:


I was recently inspired by a blog I read because each month Angela comes up with new goals and then evaluates them at the end of the month. While I am always creating new goals  I thought blogging about them is a really cool way to keep yourself accountable and why not start with March?!

My March Goals:

Nutrition goals: 
 1. Write about 3 "Nutrition in the News" topics.

... I'm always reading/ skimming/ learning about nutrition topics but when I write about them I really think about the issue and remember it PLUS I get share it with people who may not be aware of what's going on!

Fitness goals

1. Run in one official race, 5k, 10k...

doesn't matter! I love running in races but I have yet to run one this year mainly because I am to indecisive to sign up! SO now I'm deciding I want to run one this month period!

2.  Do two "on my own" strength training workouts a week...

I love running. I love running ALOT, so naturally when I go to the gym I work up a big running sweat and then I'm ready to leave. Knowing this about myself I take lots of  classes like body pump and body sculpt to get in my strength training. BUT I'm perfectly capable to strength train on my own  and just need to get in the habit!

Foodie Goals

1. Try two new dinner recipes...

I love breakfast ALMOST as much as I love running (hence "up early") so i'm always creating new breakfast wonders. However, by the end of the day I've used up my energy and foodie motivation which results in only a few easy go-to easy dinners.  This month I want to increase my dinner world and try at least 2 new recipes hopefully incorporating some in season produce!

Organization Goals

1. Clean my car...vacum her, wash her, the whole bit! 

I'm one of those strange people who names their car and refers to it as a person #noshame. My cars name is Chloe :) My friend Charlene told me that if I name my car it'll work better for me so I chose to believe that and now my car and I are great friends... BUT she's not clean right now and I feel bad so she needs a good cleaning.

...Ok I think that's good for now. I don't want to overwhelm myself :)

Any new goals this month?!

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