Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing you! Tips for Keeping in Touch

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."

I recently  returned from an amazing life-altering trip to Israel! It was called Birthright, many of you may have heard about it... basically it is a 10 day adventure to Israel for American Jews to connect them to the country and teach them about their culture. Oh and it's completely free. yes free.
Jerusalem, unreal huh?  

I  was actually raised Catholic but  because my father is  jewish and my ancestors are connected to land I got a plane ticket as well. I really wanted to go because as my sisters would call me I'm a "pocket nerd" and I love to learn. I wanted to know more about my heritage, I wanted to travel, and I wanted to learn about Judaism.  The trip completely surpassed my expectations I traveled, I learned, I laughed, I cried, and most importantly I made friends. 

It's amazing the bonds you can make with people in 10 days but those days come and go and sadly you are left with only memories (and awesome photos of course). 

I wanted to create a blog for tips on staying in touch with people to ENSURE that I follow my own guidance! so here it goes: 

1. Social media DUH! - Send posts on facebook and twitter to people when you are thinking of them to let them know they are in your thoughts! It keeps communication going and the smallest words can bring a smile to someone's day! 

2. Start a facebook group- Before we left for Israel the trip leaders on our group started a facebook group to help us pack and get ready for the trip! I think it is even more benefical now because it provides an avenue for staying in touch. Friends from my trip post in it often and it's always great to see and hear from people! It keeps the trip alive. 

2. Don't get angry or frustrated - Staying in touch can be hard. Life has this habit of sucking you up in the moment causing our minds to focus on the "here and now" ...the only problem is there are people that we love not exactly in our "here and now"! It's important to call and keep in touch, but don't take it personal when people get busy.  Getting angry or frustrated just fosters more sadness ! 

3. Make a phone call- There's nothing like hearing a friends voice and always remember there are two ends to a phone line!

4. Send e-cards- They are free, fun, and make people smile! Plus, they have cards that just let people know you are thinking of them! 

5. Repost pictures- There is nothing like a photo to bring you back to a memorable time and place from the past!

6. Plan your next get-together! - My friends and I meant to put the next time we'll meet in my planner before the end of the trip and we didn't. I regret it but I still plan to visit them!

This picture is of my friends Olivia, Lauren Tess, and me (on the far right) standing next to the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv! 

These are just some rough Ideas I came up with to help inspire me to keep connected to some of the amazing people I met in Israel.
We left Israel but we didn't leave each other! 

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