Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 Days Until the Baltimore Marathon

Are you ready yet? seems to be the number one question I’ve been hearing these days! The Baltimore Marathon is just 10 days away and I’m so grateful for all the empowering positive support I’ve been receiving from family, friends, and Rebecca Bitzer and Associates! To update everyone I have reached 75% of my fundraising goal  for  BEDA and it continues to climb everyday!  I am so Thankful to all the donators for helping raise funds and awareness for Binge Eating Disorder, a cause that deserves to be understood and supported to give life back to those struggling everyday. If you want to learn more visit:BEDA Fundraiser

To answer everyone’s question: I feel ready, of course only my feet will know on October 15th if they are going to travel the 26.2 miles to the finish line but I am pretty confident  in them J .  I’m  going in with the strong intentions to beat my time last year which 3 hours and 51 minutes!

The final preparation:  I completed my final long run last Sunday which was a 20 mile long run that took me 2 hours and 43 minutes! This coming weekend I plan to tapper down and complete a 10 mile run to keep my energy levels up but not add stress to my body!

Crucial lessons I learned this training period:
  • I learned to eat low residue refined grains to maximize nutrient  transport time and minimize fiber intake  for pre-work out meals
  • I discovered energy gels specifically “GU” as my go to fuel during the run and I have found it beneficial to consume 1 which contains 100 calories of 20 grams of carbs every hour while running
  • I have learned  that water and electrolytes (Gatorade/ salty foods) need to be consumed all day consistently after completing a long run to avoid dizziness and dehydration (if you have a headache after running you probably need to drink more water!)
  • Finally, I learned nothing beats a fresh baked bagel and orange juice after a long hard run!

What’s to come you ask?
  • Stay tuned to hear about how I will carb load next week before the race
  • As well as,  report omy feelings and preparation the night before the race!

Thanks again for all the support!!

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