Saturday, May 19, 2012

The RBA Team Enters The Kitchen

When Rebecca invited me and the rest of the RBA team over to her home in Annapolis for an interactive lunch I was not exactly sure what to expect. The e-vite  lead us to believe we would be doing some cooking and we were told to wear closed toed shoes but other than that we were left in the dark. Rebecca told us her friend and strategic business planning partner, Emma Fogt would be there to lead the lunch event. Finally, she promised it would be worth the drive to Annapolis and it absolutely was.

 We arrived at her warm welcoming home at 11:30 am and were  greeted to a table that was beautifully set up with a place set for each of us!

The menu was laid out on each plate and included: 

Once everyone arrived we all gathered on Rebecca's porch to discuss how we were going to work as a team to prepare the menu! Emma had created wonderful recipes with easy-to-follow steps that could be put together with the work of a team! 

....we also sipped on a  citrus mint cocktail made with fresh mint leaves and stevia sweetened lemonade.  YUM :) 
We were split up strategically  as the student/intern pairs we would be working with over the summer and each given a different portion of the menu to create! We also all worked together to create an apple crisp for dessert. 

Kait and I prepared the seasonal greens salad with lemon and goat cheese medallions! Kait got really crafty with the goat cheese balls and I zested the lemons! Rebecca and Emma had some great kitchen gadgets to help us get things done! 

We accomplished our challenge and prepared a beautiful summer lunch to enjoy in good time! We then sat down to enjoy good food and great company. It is always a treat for me to spend time with my co-workers. We all share a strong common passion for health & nutrition and our discussions always foster new motivation. 

It was an extra special experience to have Emma Fogt with us! She works with Rebecca and one other dietitian in a "Master Mind" group to share, plan, empower and strategize entrepreneurial and business plans. Emma's dedication and excitement about nutrition & wellness added a special glow to our group lunch! We learned about her new program called: Reignite for Wellness, a program designed for over stressed, over worked women regain control of their lives and improve their overall health an wellbeing. 

Thanks Rebecca, Emma, and the rest of the RBA team for a wonderful lunch filled with laughter, motivation and team building :)  

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