Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Tread Mill Plateau... Conquered!

Good morning winter wonderland! I have to admire the beautiful snowy February day despite its intrusion on my morning run!

Do you ever fall into a certain time or milage routine on the treadmill that you feel even with your best efforts you just cannot over come?

 I have I've been running a consistent 5 miles (40 minutes) for the past two weeks on the treadmill. After that 40 minutes I just check out!

Frustrated with my inability to stir things up in my running world I decided I was going to run outside today, only Problem...

Running in the snow? No thanks. 

So it was back to the treadmill...only today I was determined! I turned my Eminem up full blast on my ipod and pounded away 6.1 miles (10 K) ! Whawhoo...even though it was just a mile felt great to break my 5 mile plateau!

Today will be a good day :) 

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