Sunday, March 11, 2012

Be Consistent. Be Visual. Be Human.

This morning I was up early again :). Unfortunately, I woke up still in a sugar comma I put my self in after eating too much of my dad's key lime pie at a family party the night before so I decided to run first and eat second.

Here's was my much needed running pintrest motivation: 

I was on my way to the gym when I realized it was WAY too nice outside to workout in a gym so I went to a park close to my house for an outdoor trail-run!

This was the view from my morning run...good choice right?

For Breakfast:
Vanilla Protein Oats Topped w/ Pecans and Blueberries!  

 While I was eating I came across an article in my nutrition news feed that I wanted to share!

How often before you go out to a new restaurant...see a movie...or make a new purchase do you read the review it got online? I do ALL the time. Why? because we want to know what people are saying about it. When I write reviews of a product or place online It's usually because the service was great or horrible and I need to vent. I like to read when other people vent as well because the conversation is  real. However, when I get terrible service at a restaurant I usually don't say: "I'm going to go tweet about this"...BUT maybe I should?

The article was called:


 Basically, companies are recognizing social media conversations and basing important decisions off of them . It explained that  brand influence is controlled by 3 components:

  1. paid for media (advertising companies purchase)
  2. owned media (a companies personal website)
  3. earned media (what real honest people have to say about a product)

....The importance of earned media is really growing (basically someone might be reading my venting...haha I can hope)!

In other words companies are actually reading your tweets and Facebook comments  and taking them to heart. For example in the article it talked about how pepsiCo changed the carton of tropicana after customers slammed it on Facebook! It went as far as saying that if companies ignore social media conversations the result can be as bad as a product recall!

The end result...start tweeting and commenting when you want to get your point across to companies they maybe reading  :)

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