Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"ME" Time at MOMs!

Ok. I know it's only Wednesday (happy hump day!) but i've had a REALLY busy 1/2 week ok ;) I submitted my application in hopes for a dietetic internship (fingers crossed please),  I turned in 2 assignments, and I took 2 quizes. I went to work at Rebecca Bitzer and Associates and drove to Annapolis on the drop of a dime to babysit my baby cousins!

...They were well worth it even if it meant only fours hours of sleep for me. (Their dad needed a last minute Valentine's Day Sitter and I'm sucker for that kind of stuff).

When I finished my last class today I decided to have a little "ME" time to keep my sanity for the rest of the week. What did I do for some "ME" time you ask?

Well first...

 I decided to take advantage of the beautiful "blue-sky-day" and break out my running shoes + Garmin watch for a 5 mile run.  It is  amazing how great fresh air feels especially since I'm still working-out mainly inside these days.

Afterwards... I decided to travel to MOMs Organic market. Yes, I visit organic markets for fun #shameless

What I did I get...

 I went mainly in search of the Chia Seeds because I have been reading about how these little guys are jam packed with antioxidants, fiber,  protein, and a rich source of Omega 3's. Not too mention they make an appearance in all the food blogs I stalk on the regular.

However, clearly I got a little carried away :)

Already feeling refreshed it's time to crack down on some homework!!  Happy Hump Day :)

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