Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alexandria 1/2 Marathon Recap

As the weeks before the race approached I didn't think much about the Alexandria 1/2 marathon on my schedule. I was very excited for the race when I signed up but it was so far in the distance that I didn't take training seriously. I run all the time race or no race so I wasn't worried. But as the race grew nearer and it was time for me to hit long runs I would consistently run 10 miles even when I told myself to do 14 miles knowing instinctively 10 miles would get me through a 1/2 marathon race. If there's one thing I learned about training for a marathon it's "if you say your going to do something, DO IT" I never pushed myself to increase my speed on the 10 miles I was merely content with completing them. Well my lax attitude showed through as I went from a half marathon time of 1:32 to 1:43.  While nobody likes to do worse or slow down I was greatful that the race woke me up! I needed that to get back into the competitive mindset to train harder. Molly ran the 5 K at the Alexandria running festival and wasn't too pleased with her time either so we made a commitment to run a race each month this summer and to get better each time!

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