Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Framers Market Meets UMD

Farmers Markets always excite the nutrition nerd in me but when they are on own my campus my smiles are taken to a whole new level! I love them because they provide a wonderful opportunity to interact with agricultural experts and  learn about new produce! I enjoy walking around trying creative homemade recipes and fresh fruit samples! One vendor I particularly enjoyed at the grand opening of the UMD farmers market was Picnic Gourmet Spreads , they had a display of wonderfully crafted homemade spreads including flavors like carmel and onion chive and gorgonzola...YUM!

  It is so easy for college student to find themselves in what is sometimes referred to as  a "toxic food environment", one filled with fast convient foods that are often times fried and highly processed. Luckily, the wellness coalition at the University of Maryland has been working to bring fresh produce and local famers to UMD for sometime now and I  glad to finally get a chance to buy fresh strawberries on my campus!

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