Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Top 5 Reasons to Blog

I am not exactly sure why, but I always get surprised when someone tells me they have read my blog.  I guess blogging is kind of a strange concept.  It is weird to have conversation with yourself and other people at the same time. You don't know if you'll have an audience or who they'll be...but I guess that's the fun part.

 The other night my sister's  friend was over my house and told me she read my blog and it made her feel both inspired and jealous. I was really happy to hear my words were being read and inspiring others! However, I was a little confused on the jealous part. At first, I  didn't quite understand that emotion....but then she explained that she wished she could write a blog. I began to think of all the blogs I love to read and how I too was in sense jealous (not my term of choice but it fits) of their ability to put their thoughts into words and leave a trace of their days for them to always remember.

My little sister's friend inspired me to think of all the reasons why I write a blog and I came up with the top 5 reasons I keep carrying on this conversation with my computer and every and anyone else!

 So here they are:

1. Reflection- Have you ever had to review a book or a movie for a class and found that you think WAY more deeply about it than you would have if you just watched it for fun? That's what a blog does for me... it causes me to think consciously and critically  about my reactions and experiences in  ways I wouldn't have done otherwise. It helps me not only collect my thoughts on a topic but keep them organized.
2. Memory- Life goes by so fast and sometimes I forget about all the wonderful experiences I have had . Keeping a blog not only helps me remember things I have done but they way I felt after doing them. Sometimes looking back at my past memories and experiences gives me confidence to take on new challenges.
3. Purpose- Even if your not sure if anyone else will read it...if you have something to should say it. The reality is you have no idea who you might be helping by providing helpful + real information or responding to difficult/ controversial topics. Many people look to blogs for guidance and inspiration. Sometimes just a bit of humor can help people get through their day.
4. Accountability- Many of my favorite food blogs have begun with people that wanted to keep themselves accountable for what they ate. By taking pictures, recording what they ate, and reflecting on it they were able to get themselves to a healthier more balanced place. Their blogs have then blossomed into great resources for recipes, inspiration, and hope for others. One of my favorits is Kath Eats 
5. Creativity- Learning to blog, use the web, and writing has inspired me to learn technology and become creative. It's like keeping a digital scrap book filled with pictures, quotes, and tag lines!

If any of these reasons to blog sound appealing I encourage you to start one! Blogging can be a great tool for clarifying, organizing, and expressing thoughts!

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  1. I read and enjoy your blog! :) It also seems like your blog is a gratitude journal, your love of life and the gratitude that you feel is inspiring and heart warming. I hope you continue to blog for a long time. Rebecca