Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sharkies: Clean Active Fuel

One question I often get asked as a nutrition student and a marathon runner is: "What  foods do you eat while you run?"and the truth is, with two marathons and three half marathons behind me, I still have not perfected the art of eating on the run.

With that said, I am always looking for new fuel sources to incorporate into my training regime. So it should be no surprise that I took full advantage of my admission to the 2012 Scan Symposium to meet different exhibitors and try the latest sports nutrition products.

 It was at SCAN that I first learned of Sharkies, gummy bear tasting energy sports chews that deliver electrolytes and glucose for a quick energy source! The best part about Sharkies is that they are USDA certified organic meaning they contain no dyes or flavors like most engineered sports products. They also have no fat which can be beneficial to athletes because fat can  slow you down if you consume too much before a workout.  I took home a couple Shakies Portable Snack Packs (super convenient) from the symposium and found them to be a great pre-work out fuel source that  was easy to tolerate early in the morning!

Another great thing about Sharkies is they sponsor the Tough Mudder competitions, a hardcore 10- 12 mile obstacle course that raises money for the the Wounded Warrior Project. The best part: I was lucky enough to win a drawing for a free entry into a Tough Mudder competition! I will definitely be using Sharkies all summer to help me train for the event!

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