Monday, March 5, 2012

Ab workout #1...all by myself (and SHAPE).

Monday... check! Bring on the rest of the week please!

For Breakfast: 
Peanut butter toast and a banana...with some agave nectar! 
 I needed something quick and easy because I was studying for a Medical Nutrition Therapy Exam all morning ...glad to knock that out! 

After my classes were done I was ready to hit the gym and carry out my monthly resolution to do resistance/ strength training/ abs (basically anything but cardio) at the gym ON. MY. OWN (big deal for me). 

For the inspiration: 

For my abs workout:

1.     Planks: Center, Left, and Right  @ 60 seconds each
2.     pline Ride 2x @ 25 reps
a.     Elevate legs at 45 degree angle and crunch
3.     Weighted Bicycle 2x @ 25 reps
a.      How to do it: Start lying on your back with both knees bent. Extend your arms overhead, bending your left arm behind your head and holding onto your right arm, just above your elbow, with your left hand. Bend your right knee and press your right foot on the inside of your extended left leg (left leg should be off the floor and low). Lift your right shoulder off the floor and turn it in towards your left leg, while you lift both legs up about 45 degrees. Lower back to start position, that’s one rep. Perfrom 15 reps on each side.
4.     Plank pikes 2x @ 20 Reps
a.     Start in a straight arm plank and jump in ward
5.     Seated Leg U’s 2 x @ 20 reps
a.      How to do it: Start seated, facing your bent knees. Place both hands on the floor just behind your hips, and lean back to pick both feet up off the floor, keeping knees bent. Next, lean further back, bending your elbows to the floor and extend your legs further away from your body, while tracing a letter ‘U’ with your bent knees. Try to lean back so that your elbows touch the floor at the bottom of your ‘U’, and then sit up as you finish it. That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times total.
I learned these moves from: 10 Flat ab moves from!

For the rest of the week:  Pinterest teaches 10 ways to love. LOVE IT :) 

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